The 7 Step Guide for Snow Removal

snowIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! You sung that in your head, right? But if you’re a homeowner, you’d probably rethink that statement. Yes, the excitement and the hubbub are contagious. But when you see all that white stuff piled on your driveway, the excitement just dies.

Plowing out the snow is a great winter workout, but don’t you just wish there was an easier way to do it without so much effort? Never fear, because the complete guide to snow removal is here!

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to get rid of that snow, without getting rid of the spirit of the season:

1. Mark your territory

But, don’t do it like how animals do it – That’s quite awkward. Marking your territory means you should place tall stakes all over your lawn and driveway.


Because they will tell you where you should plow and where you shouldn’t. While you’re at it, make them light-reflecting, so that people and vehicles could also see them at night.

2. Pick the right shovel

Yes, it’s a difficult task. But, you have to do it anyway. And when you’ve committed to shoveling your driveways, you better make sure you have the proper equipment to do it. Don’t buy things just because they’re cheap; always put quality over price.

You’ll get more out of your money that way. Aside from picking quality, you should also consider what type of shovel you should get. For heavy snowfall, the S-shaped shovel is the best to use. C-shaped shovels, on the other hand, are for light snow.

The best size for a shovel, contrary to what others say, is the medium-sized one. Don’t be tempted by the larger amount you could remove with a larger shovel. Your shoulders and back will make you regret that decision.

3. Do it right away

It’s always nice to stay in and cuddle, but you know you need to do it. Make it a morning task to do your shoveling. Don’t let the snow pile on too much, or you won’t be able to shovel them anymore.

Another key point is, if you let the snow settle in too long, it might freeze over and create a layer of ice over your driveway and lawn, which means you’ll have to call for professional help.

Unless, of course, you want a damaged lawn and a chipped driveway. For heavy snowfall, spread the task out to the members of the household, so you can do it multiple times a day.

4. Don’t forget your roof

Most people tend to clear out their front yards and totally forget about the ice sitting on their roof. Don’t forget them folks! Heavy snow on your roof could make it collapse under the weight. It might just also make ice rinks out of your gutters. To prevent this, carefully rake them off your roof.

Be extra careful when handling your snow rakes, because you might do serious damage to your shingles and roofing. On a side-note, please do not use a metal ladder when snow cleaning your roofs. Snow will most likely make it slippery and there are higher chances of accidents. Better safe than sorry!

5. Get a machine to do it

It’s still doing it by yourself – you’re just using a machine to make it easier. Shoveling is indeed a great winter workout, but if it gets too much, there’s no shame in getting a snow blower. And once you get one, make sure you know exactly how to operate it.

Invest on a great high quality blower. They do the job much faster than shoveling. However, take into consideration the wind. Since you’re blowing out snow, you might want to think about where the snow will go.

Blowing it too high might not be a good idea as well. So consider your current weather before going out to blow some snow. Also, consider the things that could possible damage your blower, like pebbles and hoses and other rough patches.

6. Use de-icing products

If you’re low on the budget side, there’s always the use of chemicals. The most common of these de-icing products (and the cheapest one in the market, too) are rock salt.

However, don’t overdo it because salt eats away concrete. It also doesn’t work at temperatures below 12oF, so for these temperatures, go for calcium chloride.

7. Install a heating grid

If you’re in a place that experiences heavy snow and long winters such as those in Winterfell, it would be best to invest on a heating grid. You can install them underneath your driveway and could be activated while you’re all warm and cozy indoors. It is quite pricey, but in the long run, it will be well worth it.

Follow these quick and easy steps and you’ll get rid of that snow in no time. You’ll have much more time for shopping, drinking hot chocolate, or just cuddling up a bit longer in your cozy bed.

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