7 Musts for Keeping Intruders Out

keep out intrudersWhat we have learned from very early childhood is that it’s better to feel safe than sorry when it comes to personal protection. Sometimes people may feel like no security is needed and that that if they live in a safe neighborhood that nothing is likely to happen them, and so they never think about home security. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking may get you hurt. You need to ensure your own safety and not rely on the neighbors for security.

Putting security measures in place is essential for protecting your family and office. There are many security products on market. Make sure you consult an expert about the core security strategies you should follow for whatever security products you use. Here are some home security strategies that will help you ensure your security.

  • No Notes Left Outside

Some people leave notes outside when they leave home in order to notify others who live there. Although this may be convenient, it is a full advertisement to intruders of your whereabouts and schedule. If you leave a note outside your home, intruders will be able to rob your home when you are away.

If you have to leave note for the others, you should leave note inside your home in a safe place where anyone outside cannot see it. The best way is to keep a notepad in a common place in your house where everyone in your family can find it. Then everyone can leave a messages there every time. That is a safer way to notify your family while staying mindful of your security and keeping intruders.

  • Ask Neighbors to Help

If you are going to anywhere for a long time, you can ask help from your neighbors that you trust. You can ask them to look after your house from time to time. Don’t forget to give them your emergency contact phone number and address for where you are going so that they can contact you if anything happens. But don’t advertise the news to everyone that you are leaving home. Only tell the people you trust and make sure that they also do not spread the word because it may spread to the intruder’s ears too.

  • Stop or Reroute Mail and Newspapers

If you are planning to be gone for an extensive period of time, stop all newspaper and mail during that period of time. If you don’t, the pile of newspaper at your door step will confirm to burglars that there is no one home.

  • Lower Your Telephone Volume

When going out, keep your home telephone volume low because if the phone rings for a long time without answering, the intruders will know that there is no one at home. But remember to turn the volume up after you get back home.

  • Thorny Bushes Window Security

If your home is on the ground floor, place some thorny bushes and thorny plants under the windows outside so that it will make it hard for the intruders to enter. Ground floor is easily accessible from windows so really consider window security. Make sure to close and lock them at night and when you are leaving home.

  • Keep Smoke Detectors

Fire is a silent intruder at night when everyone is sleeping. Set up smoke detectors throughout your house. Set them up so that they are interconnected, and that way if one alarm is down, the others can still alert you. Keep the detectors clean from dust or another particles, or the sensors will not work properly.

  • Set Up Close Circuit Camera

CC camera is well-known to all and are very popular home security systems. Install a camera at the entrance of your house. Try to keep the camera as hidden as possible. Otherwise the intruders will try to break the security camera.

Remember that home security is essential and that these strategies can help you to ensure safety when you are away from home for a short time or a long period of time. If you need advanced security for your office or home, there are many options out there, but at least try these basics and keep safe.

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