7 Best Locations to Install Home Security Cameras

According to an FBI report, the annual value of stolen property (which is reported) in the United States stands at around $12.4 billion. And the average value of stolen property per robbery is around $1200. With an increase in crime-rates all over the country, it is no surprise that people are opting for home security cameras.

However, just investing in a high –end camera would only take you half-way. In order to get the most from your surveillance system, you must install these cameras at well-thought practical locations. Let’s go through the 7 best locations to install home security systems:

  1. Entrance of Your Home

This is probably the most important place you need to monitor in your home. If you have just one camera, install it at the entrance of your building. Installing a security camera at the entrance lets you monitor who is entering and leaving your building. A camera placed about 9 feet above ground must provide a good vantage point to capture the identity of visitor. This height is also sufficient to stop the person from bashing your camera.

  1. Back & Side Doors

Back and side doors of your home often provide out-of-sight access to your home. There is a possibility of getting in undetected from these points. Therefore, in order to have a full knowledge of everyone entering and exiting your house, cameras in back and side doors are just as important as front-door cameras.

  1. Driveway & Garage

The driveway and garage adjacent to your home also require surveillance. Most of the criminals gain access to your property through garage and a wide-angle camera should provide sufficient field of view to record any incident. Installing a camera in your garage helps you keep an eye on your car-tools and sports equipment as well.

  1. Store Rooms

Most of the houses feature an isolated store room in the backyard of home to store gardening tools or unused stuffs. Since they are not very frequently accessed, they are at a higher risk of being intruded.

  1. Safe Vaults

The only location inside your home where you need to put a camera is your lockers. It can be either your study room containing all important documents; financial and technical, or your bedroom where you keep your jewellery. In order to make it even more secure, install a smart alarm like the Duress alarm. It not only offers extra reliability in your home security system, it also provides quick alert to multiple agencies.

  1. Backyard and Garden

When you build a house, the sole purpose of creating a boundary wall is to provide a demarcation of your property. As it is never meant to provide safety from robbery, boundary walls are rarely built tall. While most of the house owners install cameras almost everywhere in their property, they often miss including a camera for backyard or garden. It makes sense to put a camera which is most likely to catch entry of thieves in your house.

  1. Secluded Areas

Secluded areas like back alleys or blind corners around your home can be risky. These areas are more prone to vandalism and violence. Installing a camera at these areas isn’t going to prevent theft from your home but it will be for your own safety when you cross it at odd hours. Try to install a wide-angle camera with night mode for these areas. Installing flood lights will act as an additional deterrent.


Installing a camera around your home will definitely give you a peace of mind. Security cameras are used either to monitor an activity or to capture the identity of visitor. Both of these objectives require the camera to be mounted at a practical location. In this article, we have selected best locations you should consider while installing a security camera for your home.

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