5 Feng Shui Tips For a Bedroom

1Feng shui is an ancient Chinese method of creating balance around buildings and it is a nice way to use in your decoration as well to create a well-balanced feel to your rooms and improve the energy flow around the house. Here are five simple tips to creating a bedroom that uses feng shui principles.

1. Draw A Map Of The Room

Mapping out your bedroom is essential thing to do before you can truly start creating a proper feng shui in the room. There are a lot of great guides online to help you with the mapping of the room and it is really important to pay enough attention to this step.

The mapping will help you place, for instance, the bed in the right direction at the room and will allow you to do this according to the life area you want to focus the most in your life.

2. Keep The Top Of The Bed Clear

It is also really important that once you have found a spot for your bed you don’t add anything on top of the bed. For example, a chandelier right on top of a bed creates a bad energy arrow right on top of your place of sleep and you won’t be able to relax at night.

You of course need to have enough lighting in the room just try to make sure that the lamp isn’t directly on top of the bed to allow the energy to flow. You also shouldn’t add cupboards or fans above your bed either.

3. Keep The Entrance In Mind

One of the most important aspects of creating a proper feng shui feeling in the bedroom is to keep the entrance in mind. You shouldn’t ever sleep with your feet directly towards the entrance since this creates a lot of negative energy to the bedroom.

Also try to sleep with the entrance closed as this will guarantee your room is a safe place and creates an aura of positive energy around the room.

4. Don’t Store Things Under The Bed

It is really important that you don’t place things under your bed. If you have things stored underneath the bed the energy doesn’t flow freely and you won’t have a goodnight sleep.

Thus it is essential you find good storage solutions for the bedroom. A really good idea is to opt for a large quality sliding doors wardrobe to place your items in. You can find them from Superglide, for example. The one important thing to keep in mind is to stay away from having mirrors on your sliding doors.

5. Have Something Natural In The Room

A good feng shui bedroom needs to have something natural, like a living plant, in the room. This will provide you a lot of natural energy and will make you feel better during your sleep. Health suggests that you can be quite creative with nature in the bedroom.

Even having some rocks in a jar can provide you with a lot of energy. As long as your mind can see nature and feel it in the room you will become more rested.

Sheryl loves Chinese culture and is always finding new ways to implement it in her own life and in the decoration of her house. She loves to learn more about the Chinese culture and dreams of spending a year in China one day.

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