3 Different Tools You Should Use When Carpet Cleaning

Rug or carpet cleaning at home – there is no need to worry, with the following three tools that you probably don`t regularly use, you can make the floor coverings to look like new. Or else, at least to enhance the cleansing effect of the other post treatment and deep cleaning methods. Take a look:

carpetcleaning1– A stiff brush. It is an indispensable tool for spot cleaning of carpets with shorter fibers. Even a grooming brush or an old toothbrush can do the perfect job. They are useful for wiping off tiny little loose particles like sand, grit and food crumbs while in the meantime, the brush leaves a bit fluffier surface. The carpet is ready to use and enjoy and there is no need to wait for the annoying drying period. This reduces the chance to be seduced to leave the cleaned carpets outdoors so they can naturally dry under a direct sunlight. In most cases, the direct sunlight can cause damages to the delicate carpet fibers like over drying, discoloration and even burning effects. The grooming brush will become your favorite tool for a quick spot carpet cleaning! Take a pick of a brush with longer nylon fibers if your carpets have longer fibers too. Thus, the brush can wipe off the dirt and the dust deep from the base of the carpet fibers without the need for cleaning with water.

– A brushed nozzle for the vacuum cleaner or wet wipes for dirtier spots. First, the vacuum cleaners often have a special nozzle in the box set. This nozzle is recommended for cleaning curtains and other light materials during a frequent and extensive house cleaning, however, it`s perfect for pet hair and loose particles. Adjust the power of the vacuum cleaner and you can even get full advantage of the nozzle for cleaning some yet hidden spots like under the armrests of sofas and chairs. The brushed nozzle is also useful after spot cleaning with one of the hot-water techniques. carpetcleaning2In this case, the treated spot is wet, matter how long you are wiping off the excess of the detergent solution and how many clean clothes you use. The vacuuming power combined with the special brushed nozzle enhance the evaporation and in the best case, they leave the surfaces completely dry. Just make sure that it is slightly wet before the treatment, in order not to damage the vacuuming machine. The fibers of the carpets and the rugs will also become fluffier, in contrast to the condition of the fibers after drying naturally for a couple of hours or so. Such treatment is perfect to remove pet hair as well, while the wet wipes are another useful tool for carpet spot cleaning. Thanks to the slight amount of rubbing alcohol, the wipes have a slightly dissolving power that can work for removal of greasy stains from some fibers and tiny spots on the carpets.

– A spatula for wiping off the excessive cleaning detergent. It may be an acrylic, a metal or a wooden spatula, and yet it can help you to remove as much of the excessive dislodged dirt as possible. A simple homemade spatula out of an acrylic bottle, for example, can save you plenty of clean cloths and efforts for rubbing. Moreover, it can also reduce the risk from spreading out the dislodged dirt over a greater area when rubbing or dabbing for a longer time. What better way to deal with an improvised situation such as a persistent spot on a carpet when dealing with the end of lease cleaning!

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