What to Upgrade on Your Next Kitchen Renovation Project

Deciding what exactly to upgrade during a kitchen renovation will ultimately depend on what you’re aiming for as well as your budget. There aren’t any remodeling rules that are set in stone so feel free to let your creativity run wild. If cooking and entertaining are your passion you may want to concentrate on new appliances while those who have large families may prefer to spend the majority of their budget on cabinet storage space etc. You’ll also need to decide if you’re remodeling the kitchen to raise the resale value of the home or if you plan on living there for good .


When it comes to new appliances you can save money in the long run by looking for energy-efficient models which come with good warranties. This will help reduce electricity bills and cover you in case something should go wrong with the appliance. Just make sure you have enough room left in the budget for things such as cabinets and countertops etc. If you have children and a lot of dirty dishes on a daily basis you may want to consider adding a dishwasher at this point if you don’t already have one.


If you’ve decided to focus on countertops during the renovation you’ll have the option of spending more on stone surfaces or saving cash with laminate ones. It may come down to deciding between beauty and function and the resale value of the home. If you’d like granite countertops you could choose a lower grade of the material to save some money. In addition, you’ll find some laminate surfaces may cost about half the price of granite, but the overall appearance is quite similar.


The amount of cabinet space needed usually depends on the number of people using the kitchen. Those with larger families may decide to budget more money on cabinetry than countertops and/or appliances. This could include roll-out trays, extra shelves, drawers and extending the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. If you’re concerned about resale value and convenience then you may be interested in cabinets which are outfitted with soft close doors and drawers. Base-cabinet drawers provide more storage access and are also more ergonomic and wall cabinets which extend to the ceiling offer quite a bit more storage space. Money can be saved on the material chosen since veneer and solid wood are difficult tell apart these days and you can install rich-looking cabinetry without a huge price tag. However, plywood shelving and sides are ideal for strength and resale value when compared to particle board. A top grade pressed wood can easily last for 20 years or more these days though.


You may be surprised how the overall appearance of the kitchen can be affected by handles, pulls and knobs. The cost of cabinet hardware varies greatly as you can spend as little as you want by purchasing it a local store or have it custom designed. If you’d like to save some money in this area you should switch existing pulls with pulls and knobs with knobs etc. There are numerous types of finishes to choose from such as brushed stainless steel, pewter and oil-rubbed bronze etc.


Porcelain is a good tiling option for the floor since the material does a good job of resisting cracks and chips, is budget-friendly, and is known for its longevity. It’s also quite a bit less expensive than natural stone while offering a similar appearance. When it comes to backsplashes you may want to use ceramic though. When budgeting for the renovation keep the pattern and size of the tiles in mind. Larger flooring tiles offer a modern appearance and will need fewer cuts and grout lines when installing them.


The above tips may help you out when undertaking a kitchen renovation, but just remember it’s a good idea to budget more money on the areas that are more important to you. Your top priorities should make up the majority of the budget and try not to change your mind once the materials have been ordered and the work has begun. In addition, take the time to do some comparison shopping as a way to stay within your budget.



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