Top 5 Tips to Design a Bathroom Suite in Small Spaces

bathroom suiteAlthough you don’t spend a lot of time in your bathroom compared to the other rooms within your home, it should be large enough to hold all the essential fittings, linen, toiletries and accessories. Unfortunately, the bathroom space in many homes is cramped but you can use clever ideas to give it a spacious look. Here are the top 5 tips to design a bathroom suite in small spaces:

1. Placement of Bath:

The choice between shower and bath is the most important decision you will need to make in designing a cloakroom suite with limited space. The ideal position is behind the bathroom door, which also enhances your privacy while showering or soaking in the tub. Bathtubs that need to be fixed along any corner of your bathroom are a strict no-no when it comes to using space judiciously. If you have to compromise on the length of the tub, compensate with extra depth to get enough space to lie in. Use a glass shower screen instead of a shower curtain, especially if the width of your bathroom is small. Note that a shower cubicle will take up much less space while transparent cubicle sides will give the room a spacious look.

 2. Color of Walls and Tiles

White and other pale colors used on the bathroom walls and tiles impart brightness and freshness to a small bathroom space, making it appear larger than it really is. Lighter shades also lend a certain warmth that darker colors cannot achieve. Black fixtures against white walls are the ultimate color combination for an elegant bathroom suite. Stick with large ceramic tiles; avoid wooden paneling on the walls, although minor embellishments can give the room a classy look.

3. Sliding Doors

Having the bathroom door open into the bathroom causes an unnecessary waste of space. Instead, install a sliding door if possible. The panel will either slide along one wall of the bathroom or into a narrow cavity in the wall. A sliding door may not be the most efficient or feasible design for your bathroom; in this case, place hooks behind the door to hang towels and bath robes.

4. Shelves:

You should fix glass shelves on the wall along the bath or shower cubicle to keep cosmetics and bath accessories within easy reach. Add a cabinet with shelves below the washbasin to make the best use of the available space; this can be used to store towels, cosmetics and spare toiletries. Another place in the bathroom that often goes unused and could do with a shelf or two is the wall above the toilet.

5. Lighting and Mirrors:

A bathroom that gets sufficient natural light will always look bigger. It is great if your cloakroom suite already has a window; if not, install a skylight to give depth to the room. A large mirror reflects the paleness of the walls and the shine of the fittings, and helps light to bounce around the entire room. Do not overuse mirrors and be careful not to place them on opposite walls of your cloakroom suite; both these design flaws can kill the mirror’s effectiveness in creating an illusion of space. Take a look at the Better Bathroom cloakroom suite for some more ideas.


These five design tips will give you a large bathroom suite like you’ve always dreamed of, even though your home is small. You will be thankful for all the extra space and will find the final result unbelievable. You can use a potted plant, dainty linen and scented candles to personalize the bathroom and make it cozy for family members and guests.

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