Simple Ways to Master Lighting in your Greenhouse

The success of greenhouse farming depends on adherence to various factors. These factors include the choice of location and proper ventilation. Other than that, the greenhouse also needs functional cooling and heating systems. Additionally, the watering cycle has to be topnotch. On top of all that, you have to master lighting in the greenhouse too.

Herein is an overview on how you can improve your greenhouse lighting and consequently improve your yield.

Shade Structure

Shade structures are useful during summer when the hot temperatures become a massive threat to your plants. Without the structures, your greenhouse plants would not be as productive. The heat from the extreme temperatures could cause untold damages to your crops. Furthermore, shade structures ensure that your greenhouse doesn’t lose its water.

Glass and Glazing

Glass and glazing are superb solutions because of their ability to allow only the required amount of light into the greenhouse. A good greenhouse always has glazing or any kind of covering material. The combination of glass and glazing diffuses the amount of light that finds its way to the greenhouse. Furthermore, they also:

  • Optimize light levels
  • Ensure equal distribution of light all through the greenhouse
  • Protect crops against damages from extremely hot temperatures
  • Reduces burn patches on the greenhouse
  • Protect crops from the severe wind
  • Keep the crops safe against dangerous storms

Energy Curtains

Technology is a wonderful thing. It has introduced energy curtains that ensure greenhouses receive the right amount of light too. The curtains are perfect during those days when light and temperature can’t just stop fluctuating thus posing a danger to the crops. More importantly, they help you save money by making your greenhouse energy efficient! Visit Palram for more info about it.

Greenhouse Lighting

Productivity can suffer immeasurably for people who practice four-season farming in their greenhouses. However, with the greenhouse lighting, such issues will not occur. Through this type of lighting, you will provide the warmth, energy, and heat that your crops need to blossom throughout the year. Greenhouse lighting is specifically ideal during the long nights.

Light Deprivation

Greenhouses need light. However, too much of the light could be a danger to the farming you are carrying out in the greenhouse. In such cases, you need to find a perfect solution for limiting the amount of light your crops receive. Through light deprivation, you will restrict the amount of light the greenhouse receives for a specific period each day.

As shown here, you are not short of options regarding the need for mastering light in your greenhouse. More interestingly, the solutions offered here are easy to implement. Some may cost more money but the good news is they all guarantee the desired results.

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