Moving: Easy Ways to Make Some Extra Money

movingUpon moving from a house or apartment into another one you need to organize your stuff carefully. This means hat you have to go through your items and determine what to do with them. Some of them you are going to throw away. Others can be sold. Extra stuff is quite costly to move. Besides, you spend money fixing items that you don’t actually need.

It’s time to think about that and organize the clutter at home. Search for unimportant items and remove them right away. Your house needs a move out cleaning from all the mess.

Here we will discuss what stuff you can sell and where you can put it for sale.

Designer goods

Selling your designer bags can make a profit. Websites like Craigslist, eBay and other online shops can help you not only get rid of unwanted stuff, but also earn money from it.

If you are wondering how to price your stuff, check online shops for similar items.


iPods, tablets, cameras, mp3 players, laptops and other tech that you have already replaced with new ones can be resold, which will not only save space at home, but it will also enlarge your wallet. A good option for selling stuff of this kind is This is a place where you can sell and buy used gadgets online.

Sporting equipment

Sporting equipment that you bought thinking you’ll have wonderful time together but gave it up after the first session is definitely worth selling. Admit it, you have lots of items stored in your garage waiting to be played with but the only thing they do is sit and collect dust. Well, you certainly don’t need that stuff. If you sell it you will have more space at home or in the garage. Plus, you will get money from that.

You can use to get rid of footballs, gloves, tennis rackets and other sporting items. You’ll find it very easy to use this website for selling stuff.


If you love reading books and have done it for years, you probably have an amazing collection of books in your house. Having books at home is cool but owning too many of them can take up valuable space that can be used for other purposes. Besides, if you intend on buying new books, you are going to have to get rid of some of the old copies.


Who needs CDs anymore? They are another item that can be removed. The world has changed a lot for the last decade. Whereas in the past we used CDs a lot, now you can purchase individual songs online and store them on your computer. Not many people use CDs anymore but there are CD lovers that will gladly buy your old music items. You can use iPod Meister to sell your records. This website also offers a credit system. The more items you sell, the more credits you get. When you have enough credits you can buy a new iPhone, for example. So start collecting your CDs and see which ones you are going to sell.

Video games

If you are keen on playing video games or using game consoles, you surely know how fast they get outdated. So if you have tons of game items and consoles that you no longer use, you had better put them for sale. You can try using This is an amazing site where you can arrange for a quick and easy sale. Another website you can try is EB Games.

We hope you find this information helpful. As you can see, you don’t have to throw everything away, you can sell it! Look around and see what stuff needs to be removed. You may be able to bargain it.

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