Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home

interiordesign1You recently sealed the deal and now you are the proud owner of a new home! But now it looks empty and after the initial house cleaning, it will need some colors and decorations to add some characteristics to show who is lives there. You scatter some plants about, hang some paintings, splash some colors, and the end result is… somewhat entertaining. Despite what you may think, there is a bad way to embellish things, and here are some things you should try to not do before you start flinging decorations about.

Don’t use X+10 amount of colors, where X is the needed amount. Maybe you think that a rainbow room looks nice, but once you start getting headaches, you’ll see the problem.

Don’t use X-10 amount of colors. X is still the right amount. Don’t spare colors and end up with dull rooms that can be described just by the color they are painted with. Simple has its limits as well.

Don’t use decorations to hire painting errors. The red mark on the floor is left after negligent painting and the home cleaning couldn’t deal with it, so you hide it under a sculpture. And there is another mark, let’s place a painting there. To what end will you avoid repainting? Complete cluttering chaos?

interiordesign2Don’t have X+10 amount of paintings. Okay, you got the X part. Sure, you have some free room on the walls, but that doesn’t mean you have to necessarily hide it under a myriad of paintings. What did you do all the previous painting for?

Don’t hang X+10 amounts of things from the ceiling. X in this case can be a single object: your lamp. There are many design styles that offer plenty of hanging decorations, but adding too many can get quite misguided. You will turn your living room into a jungle in no time, and taller people will have problems with your décor choices. Think things through before you start hanging chains or jewelry down the room. And don’t forget that throughout and efficient home cleaning will be a vicious task with all the vines hanging down.

Proportions actually do matter. So, let’s have a little game. Pretend you are buying a table and a chair from two separate shops because you liked them. What will you do when you combine them and turns out the chair is too small or too big for the too small or too big table? No, don’t keep them! Home décor requires you to carry around measuring tools when making a purchase, so please do that to avoid… furniture miscommunication, shall we put it.
You can decorate a room to hide a house cleaning mistake either by you or the professional cleaner. You can decorate to hide a flaw in the wall or floor. You can decorate because you like a certain style or color, and you can definitely decorate if you feel that your rooms have become dull. But don’t cluster it all up and create chaos. You need to keep in mind that making one modification hide an error can easily lead to a completely different error. Stick to these simple tips and you will have no problem avoiding it.

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