How To Win Man Points With Manly Home Improvement

manly manBuilding things is one of the best ways to demonstrate your masculinity, and few things will make you feel more like alpha male in your household than putting up some shelves or building flat pack furniture. While it’s hardly the most incredible example of engineering in either case, at the time it will feel like you just built a space rocket and you will be able to walk around with a manly feeling of pride.

So home improvement can make you feel manly at the best of times, but imagine how much it can do for your manhood if you build something that is manly in itself… There are several renovations and additions we can make to our home which make it more manly and that will make all of your male comrades jealous. Here we will take a look at some of the coolest man-rooms and man-creations to consider adding to your home…

A Mini Bar: Mini bars are a great way to bring the pub to your home, and this will make yours the place that every guy wants to hang out making you the number one choice for host at all future events. A mini bar can be any surface that you place in the corner of the room, but if you want to really commit to the bit you can add in bar stools and other pub paraphernalia to really sell the idea.

office pod

Home Theatre: Men love comparing the size of their television sets and I’m not going to get into the potential psychological reasons for this right here. But if having a huge television makes you a man, imagine having a giant projector with its whole own room? That’s right. This is a surprisingly easy home improvement to make and it will make enjoying the latest Batman film or football match all the more incredible. If you get it right, your family should be shell shocked after watching films in this room…

Office Pod: An office pod is an outside office that goes at the end of your garden to give you complete seclusion from the rest of the world. This is a pretty cool feeling  and is a very slick and modern way to work. At the same time though we all love showing off our desk areas (particularly if they look like the cockpits of fighter jets) so this is the perfect way to make your home office into a showpiece.

man cave

Garage: A garage has a manly aura to it at the best of times thanks to its lack of carpet and all other girly features (yes, carpets are for girls). There are countless ways you can make your garage even more awesome though, whether that just means using it to display your cars in a more impressive way with floor lighting (so that it looks like a showroom) or whether it means installing a gym so that you feel like Rocky. They don’t come much more manly than Stallone (reference: Expendables).

Man Cave: A man cave is your own getaway where no women are allowed of course, and where you can hang out with your guy friends doing guy stuff (drinking beer and complaining about the wives who aren’t allowed in the cave for this very reason). If you can convince your other half to allow you to convert an entire basement or loft space into your own studio flat then this is certainly a win and that alone is a good enough reason to win major man-points.

This helpful article was submitted by Lewis S., owner of Location Lanzarote.

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