Cleaning And Restoring Mahogany Wood

mahogany floorIt is a well known fact that wood is a preferred material for flooring and making furnitures. Although it can be pretty expensive, the amount of money pays off. If handles right, the wooden items at your home can serve you for long years. When you enter the hardware store aiming to buy wooden stuff, you are spoilt for choice and yet there is an indisputable favourite among the abundance of wooden materials – namely the mahogany wood. It is known for its durability and beauty. Apart from furnitures, musical instruments can also be made of mahogany wood. Its usual colour is reddish brown but it gets darker in time and creates a unique atmosphere in every room. Having mahogany furnitures is undoubtedly aesthetic but don’t forget that they require regular attention and proper cleaning. Follow the advice below and make sure you won’t damage the beauty of your furnitures and other valuable wooden possessions.

The mahogany wood can be preserved for the years to come by polishing on regular basis. Never spray the polish directly to the furniture and watch out not to use excessive quantities otherwise your efforts will be worthless. A reliable house cleaning agency suggests to apply the polish onto a dry, soft cloth and gently clean the mahogany furnitures. Read the ingredients of the polishes carefully since the water based ones are really inappropriate and may cause damages to the wood.

You can use some proven home made detergents as well. They are as effective as the ones, sold at the supermarket:

  • If you have a mahogany table, you can remove the unpleasant stains the glasses leave by cutting a lemon in half and treating the problematic areas. You will get the same excellent result if you mix equal parts of mayonnaise and white toothpaste and apply the mixture to the furniture by using a soft rug.
  • Vinegar is famous for being an irreplaceable cleaning assistant and the process of mahogany wood cleaning is not an exception. Mix one tablespoon of vinegar with warm water. Dampen a soft cloth with the mixture and gently scrub the wooden items.
  • If you accidentally spill a liquid onto a mahogany furniture, you have to react quickly and clean it as soon as possible.
  • No matter how efficient and powerful your cleaning detergents are, they are unable to remove the scratches that are so unpleasant. However, there is another solution that will make your furniture look like a brand new one. Have you ever heard of those crayon- like fillers intended to deal with the scratches and match the colour of the wood at the same time? They do an excellent job and make the minor scratches completely disappear.
  • Iodine can also be helpful if you have to cope with those ugly scratches. Take a paintbrush and apply the iodine to the scratched areas. They will become less visible in a few hours. Moreover, the iodine substance will match to the colour of your mahogany items.
  • Avoid placing your mahogany furnitures directly to the sunlight. It will make their colour fade away and they will lose their initial beauty.
  • Don’t forget that regular dusting and cleaning is the key to taking pride in owning neat mahogany furnitures.

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