Choosing the Right Light Fixture

light fixtureLight is a mighty and powerful design element that could make a huge difference in how your home feels and looks. Of course, light fixtures should be fully functional. No one wants to struggle just to be able to see in a poorly lighted space. Absolutely no one wishes to have a horrible mishap while climbing the stairs or walking through the hallways during the dark night.

However, the perfect lighting fixtures go beyond fulfilling the function of lighting up one’s abode. The right lighting fixtures would highlight the beautiful features of each room and downplay its flaws. The wrong one would do the exact opposite. So if you’re looking to create just the right home ambiance  you better turn your attention to one of the most ignored, yet most critical, elements of designing a home – lighting! Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the lighting fixtures best suited for the rooms in your home:


Before anything else, you should be able to identify the purposes for which each room will be used. Will it be used for studying and working? Will it be utilized mainly for relaxation and recreation? Once you have determined the answers to questions like these, you’ll be better able to zero in on what type of lighting fixture is required. A work/study room, for example, will need direct or task lighting, while a space that won’t be used for the previous purposes can have indirect or ambient lighting. You can also create layers of lighting or use multiple sources of light for one space to cater to different functions and activities.

Safety And Security

Another thing to remember is that safety and security must be at the top of your mind when deciding on how to light up certain parts of your home. Your home’s exteriors, such as the front entry, perimeters, sidewalks, and walkways, require ambient lighting. Don’t make the lighting on these areas too dim; it will invite malicious intruders and burglars to come in. Don’t commit the mistake of using overly bright exterior lighting, either. Not only is this going to cost you a great amount of money in utility bills, but it will also be literally disturbing to those who live around you. Checking out your neighborhood’s security lighting guidelines will also prove useful.

Match Your Home’s Décor

The perfect lighting fixtures are those that add to the beauty of one’s space without looking totally out of place. As such, you need to consider the overall design of the entire house and the room where the fixture will be used.  Imagine seeing ultra-modern steel light fixtures lighting up the interiors of a quaint and cozy country cottage. Picture out a three-tiered crystal chandelier gracing the ceilings of a contemporary-looking loft. It just doesn’t work, right? Hence, you need to factor in the overall décor of the home as well as the look of each room. Apart from function, these are some of the things that should dictate the style, size, and color of the fixture you’ll be installing.

There are plenty of lighting fixtures available in the market so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the perfect ones for your home. As long as you plan ahead, keep in mind safety and security, and pick the fixtures that will complement your home’s exterior and interior design, then you can’t go wrong.

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