Chimney Maintenance and DIY Cleaning Guide

chimneyIf you are a proud possessor of a chimney you are well aware of the fact that they should be cleaned at least once a year in the most effective way. Like other household activities this is also an essential one because if not cleaned properly the chimney could not function in normal way. Because of the burning fires there appears an accumulation of soot and creosote which must be removed.

If you find it difficult to clean the chimney by yourself this article will help you with some DIY tips, thanks to which you will be facilitated in this process, especially if you fire your chimney frequently. If you follow the simple steps you won’t have any difficulties to provide the so needed cleaning of your chimney.

Step one. The first thing to do is to scrape off a bit of the creosote that has accumulated on the inside of the chimney. You should check if it is thicker because in this case it is high time you cleaned it immediately. It is better to perform the cleaning of the chimney before the Winter season begins because sometimes there is a risk of sparkling of the chimney. The next thing consists in checking the chimney for animals before starting any cleaning process because birds and squirrels like to nest there, especially during the Winter. You can do it you self or hire home cleaning services.

Step two. It is a rule that chimneys should be cleaned from the top down. For that purpose you should use a ladder and limb to the roof. You need the appropriate instruments such as chimney brush and extensions. You should however firstly check the quality of the roof because safety is most important. Then you should insert the brush into the chimney by providing up and down motions. After that you may need to extend the brush by adding another section of pipe so that you could reach further down the chimney. If you prefer the rope method you need to attach the weighted rope to the brush then hold the end of the rope and put the brush into the chimney. Provide motions along the entire length of the flue. After finishing with the process do not forget to clean the bottom of the chimney with a small wire brush for more precision.

Alternative methods. When you do not want to have your chimney cleaned by professionals here are some tips which could also be in help in this activity. The first one consists in cleaning the chimney from the bottom up with a pipe attached to the brush. You need to insert the brush into the chimney through the fireplace by providing continuous motions and then start scrubbing the flue. The next alternative method includes the work of two people and one of them should be standing on the roof. Use the rope system again together with the chimney brush. You need two ropes attached to the brush, which is operated from both the roof and the fireplace. The person who stands on the roof holds one side of the rope and drops the other one at the same time, while the brush stands in the middle and the other person is waiting below. In this way an effective cleaning is performed by using the ropes to pull the brush up and down.

This is an innovative and DIY guide through which you can facilitate your life and provide a perfect and long lasting cleaning of your favourite chimney.

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