Brad Roemer’s Interior Design Tips for the Minimalist

As a real estate maven, my team at Brad Roemer loves to explore the deep trenches of interior design. We’ve noticed that a quick switch up in wall paper, floorboards and a few central décor pieces can make all the difference in your home life. With the onset of spring, there’s no wonder that we desire more of a fresh outlook on how we decorate and upgrade our wonderfully elaborate and quite messy space. Let’s all work together to adapt a calming, peaceful way of life by first tackling the biggest object to our affection: our home’s interior plan.

Brad Roemer has travelled the world with his friends and wife, always picking up important pieces of inspiration along the way. He’s seen impoverished families who live in tin homes yet find happiness in their everyday routines in Central America. Check his blog at to understand what he has experienced, and how this has propelled his interest to give back to the community through annual fundraisers to help alleviate homelessness and poverty in California—his current place of residence. The fact that people around the world can find happiness with barely any material goods to live by as they pray and work hard to make their families survive budget to budget should come as a clear signal that a minimalist life is not as difficult as you might assume it to be. For good riddance, Roemer has seen kids play soccer in the backyard of their slum homes where a toilet was one with the exterior greenery. Here are a few surefire, baby-proof ways you can create a more visually appealing (say goodbye to that dusty clutter as of right now) minimalist home:

  • Box it up. Use closed shelving for loose baubles and pieces. Your books don’t even need to be visible, except the few that you are reading at the moment
  • Get rid of the mighty coffee table as they only take up extra, unnecessary room. Use end tables instead and ensure that you have a lovely rug to comfort your feet from the cold floor.
  • Put an end to your wild consumerist habits by budgeting how much you spend on clothes and non-essentials. The interior design of your house wasn’t built overnight, the same way Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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