5 Advantages of Using Commercial Metal Roofing

metal-roofingThe recent polar vortex that brought on an onslaught of sub-zero temperatures across America has only shown how important is to have durable yet adaptable building materials to shield house owners from the changing elements. Add to this various hurricanes, tornados, floods and hailstorms, and more residential homeowners have been turning to commercial solutions for stronger roofs to protect them against various weather conditions.  While many have opted for commercial metal roofing for its various advantageous, more far-seeing owners have selected the EPDM single-ply rubber membrane used by the commercial roofing industry for nigh on 50 years.

There are several advantages of using commercial metal roofing, over traditional asphalt shingles that tend to last longer in consistent weather conditions – a luxury Americans do not have anymore. Due to the huge uptake of commercial roofing solutions by homeowners, not only has the cost dropped, there are also now various types of commercial metal roofs to suit different user budgets and requirements while maintaining its core advantages. These advantages include:

Lightweight & portable:

Compared to tin and tiles, it is lighter at 50 to 150 pounds per square. This makes it about quarter the weight of a tile roof and around half that of asphalt shingles. Metal shingles can also be adapted to existing roofs and put over current material for additional structural support. Because of its portable and lightweight nature, commercial metal roofing can be installed quickly, perfect for those who want a roofing job completed in one to two days.


Highly resistant to hail, wind and fire damage, commercial metal roofing is greatly durable to combat various forms of abuse.  It is also longer lasting that traditional roofing material, and can last up to three times the lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof, ranging from 50 to 100 years depending on the quality of metal used. This means commercial metal roofing can last just as long as a house, weathering years of humidity – common in the New England region. For those looking to brave stronger winds, EPDM roofs can be customised to different wind uplift criteria and are also durable to thermal shock. It takes performance up a notch, with puncture warranties as well as hail and wind resistance of up to 100mph.With climate change taking its toll on properties, these roofs are also highly resistant to ozone, weathering, and abrasion changes.


Unlike asphalt shingles, commercial metal roof shingles need minimal or no maintenance. The only addition needed is snow guards, to keep snow from building up and causing injury to people or damage to property. This is important particularly for New England homes, which have to brave long and cold winters with heavy snow. This advantage of minimal maintenance will also stand homeowners in good stead when the warm and humid summer months come.

Energy efficiency:

Considered one of the most energy efficient materials for roofing, metal shingles reflect much of sun’s rays and heat, instead of absorbing them. Houses can now cool down faster at night due to less heat retention. Depending on the type of coating applied to the metal shingles, homeowners can expect 20% – 30% less air conditioning costs thanks to its energy efficiency properties. For coating and colours, there are energy-efficient coatings for EPDM roofs to ensure one’s house looks good while staying sustainable. Even after EPDM roofs have reached the end of their shelf lives, the material can be reused as walkways or other form of padding around the garden.


The increase usage of commercial metal roofing means there are now a slew of different textures, colours, and styles for homeowners to choose from. Some material, such as copper roofing, even changes colour over time, and work to make a home more attractive.

Commercial metal roofing is a great investment for homeowners looking to maintain house values in thriving social and business districts for years to come, or even to sell as the property market improves in the wake of economic resurgence.

John Gary is a home improvement and servicing consultant with years of experience in installing commercial metal and EPDM roofs in Connecticut for various industrial, commercial and residential property owners. 


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