4 Great Ideas for Using Bespoke Wardrobes

Although you can probably imagine using bespoke wardrobes in your master bedroom and perhaps the other bedrooms in your home, you might not have thought about the fact that these pieces can work elsewhere in your household as well. Since they can be custom-fitted and custom-made to your specifications, you can make them work pretty much anywhere. Not only can they serve as beautiful statement pieces throughout your house, but they can also serve very practical purposes as well. Therefore, you should consider the many areas of your home in which you can incorporate bespoke wardrobes. Once you get a few ideas for how well they can help your decor and household organization, you will probably want to order one of these pieces for every room in your home!

In the Bedroom

Obviously, you can use a custom-made wardrobe in your bedroom for storing your clothing. However, you can also use it for housing accessories, jewelry, shoes and so much more. You can even have one custom-made so that it will work with a television; then, you can enjoy the benefits of having a TV in your bedroom, but you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space or looking unattractive in the room.

Your room isn’t the only room that can probably benefit from a custom-made wardrobe, either. If you have children, you can use one in their room to house clothing, shoes, toys, books and so much more. Then, your child can have all of his favorite things close at hand, but these items won’t look cluttered, and it will be far easier to organize them. You can also stash one of these wardrobes in your spare bedroom for added decor and to provide a nice storage space for extra linens, things for your guests and more.

In the Living Room

Wardrobes can be closed so that the contents can’t be easily seen, so they’re great for concealing movies, books and so much more in your living room. That way, they will be close at hand for your family to access when you need them, but you don’t have to worry about all of your guests seeing all of these items.

In the Entryway

You can make the most of the area in your foyer, provide your guests with a grand statement piece to look at and provide your family with a nice place to stash coats, jackets, umbrellas, purses and more. These items will be conveniently close to the door when you need to grab them on your way out, but you don’t have to worry about them creating visual clutter in the hallway.

In the Dining Room

If you’re like many people, you probably never feel as if you have enough space to stash tablecloths, napkin holders, extra dishes and more. With a fitted wardrobe that is designed to add added decor to your dining area, you can stash these items. Unlike a china cabinet, you won’t have to worry about everything being a showcase piece, either.

Bespoke wardrobes made by London Bespoke Interiors can be a great addition to just about any room in your home, so consider these many handy uses; you surely won’t regret it.

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