3 Warning Signs Your Roof Needs Replaced

Knowing when your roof needs to be replaced is not always easy. A leaking roof is not the only sign that you are in need of a new roof, but it is the most obvious. However, if you wait to replace your roof when a leak occurs, you will most likely have high costs associated with cleaning the water damage. This means that you need to be aware of the top warning signs that signal your roof needs replaced before extensive damage occurs. This will save you money in the long run and ensure that your roofing system is always most effective.

Here are the top warning signs that your roof needs replaced:

Age is More Than a Number

The age of your roof is the biggest indicator that your roof needs to be replaced. The fact is that most roofing systems are not designed to last forever. Some roofing systems offer more longevity than others, but all will need to be replaced eventually. The lifespan of your roof will range depending on the roofing type that you have installed on your home. The average length of time that a new roof can go before needing to be replaced is 20 to 25 years. This can be less or more in the event of storm damage or another cause outside of normal roof wear and tear. If you have a roof that is older than 20 years, you should know that you are on borrowed time and a roof replacement is something that you will require soon.

Curling or Buckling of Shingles

Since your roof is so high up, it is sometimes easy to miss the warning signs that your roof needs to be replaced. Your roof is out of sight, so it is often out of mind. However, one of the main indicators that your roof needs to be replaced is visible. The curling or buckling of your shingles is a sign that they are wearing and it is past time for them to be replaced. The curling or buckling of your shingles is normal over time, but it also leaves your roof vulnerable to damage. In order to inspect the shingles most effectively, look at the slope of your roof in direct sunlight and notice if they are curling or losing granules. This is a direct sign that they are past their life expectancy and need to be replaced.

Inspect the Valleys of Your Roof

There are different areas of your roof that wear at a more rapid rate than others. When you want to know if your roof needs to be replaced, you need to inspect the areas that wear most rapidly. The valleys of your roof is where water and snow reside most often. This means these areas of your roof need to be in good condition in order to combat a leak. If you notice that you are missing shingles or if the shingles are worn on the valley of your roof, it is past time for a roof replacement. And if you’re in doubt, you might consider having a professional inspection done by the skilled roofing contractors in Lincoln Park, Michigan from Down River Roofers. They likely have keener eyes than you do when it comes to issues with your roof, and will be able to see things your mere mortal eyes cannot!

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