3 Things to Know Before Installing Solar Panels

Many home and business owners are looking for ways in which they can make their property a little bit greener. Many of these people will gravitate towards options such as solar panels. Not only are solar panels a fantastic way to stop relying so much on energy produced by fossil fuels, but they can also actually help to save money on your power bills too. Of course, before you have them installed, there are a few things that you will probably need to know.

Not every property is suitable for solar panels

Solar panels rely on light in order to work. The less light there is, the less-effective the solar panel will be. Therefore, if the property is in an area which suffers from a lack of sunlight, then it is probably not a good candidate for solar panels. Of course, you will always be able to generate some power on the minimum of light, you will still need to rely heavily on the energy grid. Thankfully, there are alternative energy methods that may be a little bit better to use in those situations.

You also need to think about the placement of your roof. While you may be able to generate some power if the roof positioning isn’t quite there, if you want to get the most out of a solar panel, it will need to be installed on a south-facing roof.

Solar panels won’t last forever

At the maximum, a solar panel is going to last about 25-years. Each passing year, the effectiveness of the solar panel will decrease. After about 25-years (the recommended replacement time for almost all panels), the efficiency is somewhere in the region of 80%. Not bad, but a 20% decrease in efficiency can have an impact on your standard energy bills.

When you are planning to install a solar panel, you need to consider the fact that it is going to be up there for about 25-years. This is (roughly) how long the average roof will last too. As a result, many people will replace their roofs at the same time as having a solar panel installed. After all, if your roof is damaged, then it is not going to support a solar panel too well. Later damage is going to be a lot more difficult to fix as a result.

Don’t forget to factor into your ‘energy-saving’ calculations the length of time your solar panel will last. This will help you to determine whether you can save money or not. Always try to pick up the best solar panel you can afford for the maximum efficiency rating and the longest lifespan. That being said, with most solar panels, you will be saving thousands of dollars on your energy bills over the 25-years. This is not to mention the amount of extra value it will add to your property.

There are tax rebates for solar panel installations

At the moment, there are tax rebates for solar panels. These are often available at both a state and a federal level. When you are working out the cost savings for your solar panel installation, you may also want to look into the tax rebates that are available. This may allow you to afford a slightly more expensive (and better) solar panel than you may otherwise have been able to purchase.

You should always ensure that you have a qualified expert installing your solar panels for you, and you should probably consider having roofing contractors in Oakland County, Michigan inspect your roof beforehand to ensure it’s suitable for solar panels. Work with an expert, and they will be able to guide you through just about everything that you need to know about solar panel installation. This includes hooking up to the grid (if required), and the right solar panel option for you.

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