3 Steps to Making Your Home Office Guest Room Ready

For most of us living in the city, having an extra room in our home also means we’ll be able to set up a home office so we could keep the rest of our place work-free. But what would you do if you’d suddenly have to host a family or friend who’s come to visit from out of town? Instead of putting your guests up in your living room and on your couch, why not consider combining your home office with your guest room so you could have the best of both worlds ready to go? By making minor tweaks to your furniture choices, here are 3 things you could do that would turn your home office into a guest room ready space.

Prepare a sofa-bed or a Murphy bed

Having a space that has to serve double the purpose also means you’ll have to double the furniture. But with limited space available, your next best bet is to have furniture that does double the task such as a sofa-bed or day bed. Relatively smaller than a regular bed, a sofa-bed can be folded up to save space when it isn’t required but is also easy to set up when you have a guest over.

An alternative to a sofa-bed is to have the more popular Murphy bed. We hear you – a Murphy what? Simply put, a Murphy bed is a bed that you could stow away when it’s not in use and often multiplies as wall space. This is a choice that’s more ideal if your guest room is tiny and you want to reduce the amount of furniture when it’s being used as a home office.

Get a smaller study table or one that you can keep away

When you’re picking out a table for your home office that doubles as a guest room, try going with a piece that is smaller than the regular table you’re used to the at the office or a table can be kept away after use. Consider placing the table at a corner of the room, as this would ensure that it isn’t being obstructive when you’re hosting a guest. If you’re setting it up by the window, you’d also get to enjoy the natural sunlight while you’re working in the day. Optionally, you could also place the table next to be bed so it could double as a side table for your guests. This allows you to save money from preparing a side table, and your guests will have a place for their belongings.

Pick warm, neutral tones for the room

To keep things cozy, we recommend warm and neutral tones for the furniture you’re picking out. Having furniture pieces with light brown tones and lighting with warm yellow features makes your guest room feel immediately more comfortable and home-like, allowing your guests to feel more at home while you have them over. As a bonus, this color scheme should also make you feel less uptight when you’re using the room as a home office because of its coziness. To further accessorize the space, do consider bringing in a soft rug that would help lighten the vibes to this home office turned guest room.

Remember that less is always more

While having a comfortable and cozy guest room is important, you’ll also want to remember that this will be your study room on days when you’re not playing host. To help keep yourself focused while working, it’s good to keep clutter in this room to a minimum. When you’re adding decorations, consider items that won’t be distracting like pieces of art or just a house plant or two.

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