How to Layout a Modern Kitchen

How to Make the Most of Your Open Fire

Bring the Beach Home with Beach Wall Decor

6 Ways to get an Epically Romantic Bedroom

How to Layout a Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen

The purpose of a kitchen has changed dramatically in recent years. It has gone from being solely a place to prepare food to being the hub of the home. It is a space where the family can meet, homework can be done and guests can be entertained. How a modern kitchen is laid out will…

How to Make the Most of Your Open Fire


Having an open fire in a home is a real asset. It is the perfect focus feature to a room, it provides warmth and creates a homely atmosphere. However, many people are uncertain as to how to make the most of their open fire, choosing to block it off, or remove the entire fireplace altogether.…

Bring the Beach Home with Beach Wall Decor

beach wall decor

Deciding on what beach wall décor to use in your home can be overwhelming. There are so many choices and designs that you really should consider a theme other than beach. For instance beach wall décor can consist of pictures, wall art, plaques and even painted murals. You should decide whether you want a fish…

6 Ways to get an Epically Romantic Bedroom

romantic bedroom

Many believe love is the most wonderful medicine to live a happy healthy life, and quite rightly so. So, why not treat your special someone with utmost love and care in your most intimate moments, and what better way of doing this than having an epically romantic bedroom set for them? Therefore, here I am…

What is Residential Security?

home security

Being safe in your own home may seem obvious but there are sometimes risks for those HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals), celebrities and other significant members of society. While you may view your house as simply a home to enjoy and relax, there may be risk factors that are only apparent when reviewing the building…

How to Get More Equity in Your Home

home equity

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had ways of getting money without having to work for it? If there was some way it could just accumulate? What a lot of people don’t realise is that it actually does if you own a home. This might sound a little strange, but it makes sense once it’s…

What’s the Difference Between Garden Rooms and Orangeries?

garden room

With the many different options for your home extension, it can be tricky to tell the differences between a greenhouse, conservatory, orangery, sun room and a garden room. One thing they all have in common though, is that they can add substantial value onto your home which is a huge benefit for the future should…

Why You Need an Orangery in Your Home


When they first originated, orangeries were built only by the wealthy upper classes of the 17th century as luxurious extensions to their already vast mansions and houses. However, in the present day they are relatively affordable for most homeowners and offer numerous benefits. It is the perfect combination of a greenhouse and a conservatory, to…

How to Clean Your Conservatory


A dirty, stained conservatory roof can really spoil the aesthetic of your home, especially if your house and garden are well maintained. Keeping on top of the dust and dirt inside your conservatory can also be difficult if you don’t have effective cleaning method to implement. Here’s our handy guide to help you maintain and…

What Should I Store In My Garage?

What Should I Store In My Garage

The garage is a multi-functional space that is great for storage. Not all things are suitable for the garage. With proper storage, you could gain lots of space to store your belongings. Seasonal items Christmas, thanksgiving, valentines, and other holiday decorations can be safely stored in the garage because of infrequently you use them. To…