Bathroom Renovation Hints and Tips

bathroomIf you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, you have to put in a great deal of planning into it.  The thought of a makeover indicates that you are not happy with the current appearance.  A total transformation can be very satisfying.  However, if done wrong, you can be just as unhappy with your new bathroom appearance as the old one.  So here is some good advice to take into consideration before renovating your bathroom.

Research And Budgeting

Lack of research and budgeting can also put a significant dent in your wallet.  So unless you are an expert in plumbing, bathrooms, and renovations, do your research!  Check out different stores or websites and see try to find the best deals.  Plan a budget for yourself and consider what aspects of your bathroom are most important.  You may find that you are perfectly happy with some items and they may not need to be replaced.  For instance, you want to switch out your sink, but you are pleased with your faucet.  There is no point in spending the extra amount of money if you don’t have to.

Consider Bathroom Usage

Before you get caught up in the design and appearance of what your remodeled bathroom would look like, consider the important uses of the bathroom, and how the renovation would work with your daily usage.  You may feel that you lack storage space or there aren’t enough towel racks.  Or maybe you spend a great amount of time taking bubble baths and you would like to sacrifice the space for a bigger tub.  Those types of choices must go into consideration before you begin redesigning your bathroom.

The Walls And Floors Are Extremely Important Considerations

A bathroom’s appearance can be greatly highlighted by the floor and walls.  Walls surround your bathroom fixtures and can really enhance a theme for your bathroom.  Here is a list of methods of replacing your wall surface.

  • Paint – Paint is probably the most used option.  It gives off the simple yet elegant look.  You also have many different choices of paint to match whatever theme you choose to display.  Make sure you use a glossy surface paint.  Glossy paint is much more resistant to moisture than matte surface paint.
  • Ceramic tile – This option will obviously provide moisture resistance.  However, it is not normally used in personal bathrooms.  People usually don’t like to see their walls match with material used for their floors.
  • Wallpaper – Wallpaper is available for you to test on your wall before making a final decision.  It is also found in many different designs to match with fixtures and even fabric in your bathroom.

You have several flooring options in terms of material to use.  Depending on the size of your bathroom, flooring replacement can be quite expensive as it is charged by the area.  If you are inclined to replace the flooring in your bathroom, here is a list of different flooring options you might consider.

  • Wood – Different types of wood are an attractive option, but not the greatest.  It gives the room a great look and it provides warmth for your feet.  However, the problem that exists with hardwood flooring in the bathroom is the high demand of maintenance and the risk of deterioration of your flooring.
  • Stone – Flooring such as granite or marble is a worthwhile option if it is affordable.  Durable and resistant to stain and moisture, this choice saves you a bit a maintenance.  It is one of the more classy flooring choices out there.  The down-side of it is that stone is cold and is fairly expensive.

Ceramic tile – This is one of the more popular choices for several reasons.  Similar to stone, ceramic tile is moisture-resistant.  You can purchase tiles in different sizes and patterns, some that even have the appearance of stone.  Perhaps the main reason for it being one of the most common choices is because it is fairly inexpensive, yet very attractive.