Heatra Classic Towel Warmer by Warmrails

Heated Towel Bar Features of this product:

  • Simple assembly may be required.
  • Warms and softens your towels while you shower – perfect for wintertime use, but works great in the summer for drying swimsuits as well!
  • 26″ x 10.5″ x 37.5″
  • Warmrails Customer Service:  1-877-927-6724.

This unusually shaped new heated towel rack has a bit of a serpentine design. Stylish and comfortable, this little electric heated beauty will toast your towels to a nice crispy, wrinkle free, warmth. Perfect for adjusting your towel temperature to a level that will warm your tired, soggy, old bones as they emerge from the bath or shower! Your saggy bits will revive to attention as they meet the crackling warmth of a finely heated towel! So dive in, flop around, and know that the Heatra Classic heated towel rack will be there to meet you in a warm embrace!

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